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Progress Pride Flag Raising and Beyond...

Photos Taken by Gavin Young, Class of 2022

The students in Seeking Social Justice and GLAMM worked to get the Progress Pride flag raised at U-32. It was raised on June 1st, 2022!


Along with the flag raising, we were tasked by our school board to continue to educate our learning community around supporting LGBTQ+ youth.  This was our call to action.  It aligns with our WCUUSD call to action through our Humanity & Justice statement.


Students in Seeking Social Justice created a series of workshops for their classmates and presented them in May and June of 2022.  Since this fall, we have been working to create an inservice workshop for our teachers. This toolkit is full of resources, curated for teachers in our school community. After exploring this guide, we hope you feel excited to continue doing your best work to support LGBTQ+ students and staff.  


As this toolkit is no way meant to be a complete guide, please keep checking back because we will keep adding more resources, links, and learning modules.

Have a question? Want to suggest a resource to add to this toolkit?  Want to show us some love?   Please email us at or use the anonymous form below. Thank you for your support!

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